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Thread: Progskeet v.1.21 available

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    Progskeet v.1.21 available

    Dear Customers,

    today back in stock new production of PROGSKEET v1.21.
    The new production introduce a review of the progskeet pcb layout to grant a better and fast production.
    No new features between v1.21 and v1.20.

    Uber creator of PROGSKEET is working now to release a new version of winskeet... more infos soon

    here the picture:
    Name:  PROGSKEET V1.21 front.jpg
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    Re: Progskeet v.1.21 available

    a few questions

    1. apart from the cap's being moved about what is the difference with this board (v1.21) to the old board (v1.2)

    2. with no new features between the 2 boards (v1.2 & v1.21) then does this mean the new one will also only be capable of only writing to "some" NAND based consoles and no NOR based consoles right from production.

    3. can we have an answer to why the progskeet v1.2 was sold to the masses without the advertised features.

    4. if this is limited to writing to only "some" NAND and no NOR still then can we have answer as to why this replacment board (v1.21) is now available when it still has less than advertised features

    you have to understand that there are alot of unhappy customers out there who bought this product under agreement that it had the advertised features to then find out it has defective software and zero support from the progskeet team

    any other company would have withdrawn the product and asked for the product that had been sent to the customer to be returned.

    instead there were some improvements made to NAND dumping / writing by uf6667 and i for one thank him for his hard work esp over the xmas and new year hols in trying to get this fixed.

    but as a company this should have been withdrawn and the progskeet 1.1 put back in production untill the bitstreems were fully working for the v1.2

    instead the only hardware fix i have seen to actually work for this are created by underwurld over on ps3hax.

    can we get some answers please
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